4 Ways to Spot Phishing Emails: What to Do?

Phishihg Emails: What to Do

With the dramatic expansion of online transaztions, there is an uprise in phishing emails. What to do about them? Organize your department and company enforcing prevention of cybersecurity threats. Scammers manage to communicate with you sending email from fake URL (website address). They usually offer something to you, discount at for the bank account plan, promotion or sends a fearful …

3 Firewall Security Levels: What are they?

firewall security levels

With development of the Cloud, IoT, and other complex platforms companies start employing higher information security. Firewall security and especially firewall security level is one way to keep your data protected. The firewall inspects the traffic of your company from the internal to external networks. For example, from your local network to the internet. It has the capability to log …

How to Prevent Cybersecurity Threats

cybersecurity threats

How to prevent cybersecurity threats is critical for your business systems, protect your local networks and your web systems including your websites with the most current technology.

How to Make Facebook Work For You?


Facebook members’ database is huge and as of July 2019 it comprises about 2.7 billion subscribers out of which 2.1 billion use at least one of the Facebook family products every day. The members are from a variety of countries, different ages and walks of life. Despite the high volume of people browsing Facebook pages at any given moment, the …

How to enhance email security?

no spam mail

You send messages to your customers, to your suppliers, partners, friends or relatives. If it’s not social media, it is usually email. You do it every day even many times a day. The electronic messaging has taken over other means of direct communication because of some cool traits: convenient fast relatively cheap But how secure is it? During its world …

Why Should Your WordPress Website Need Updates?

wordpress d

In the present website world, one third of websites rely on the WordPress platform. When you first build your site, it comes with the latest version. Once your website is released for the public to view, it’s up to you to keep it up-to-date. You might want to not maintain your site to the most recent version due to your …

The Importance of Business Email


Build a far more robust, confident and credible business image which leads to higher efficiency using the professional email as opposed to using the free email accounts. Contact iQWeb today to get Your Business Email address.

Massive Data Security Breach

Data Breach

Education yourself on data security and let iQWeb lead you on the journey of increased security and privacy of data for your organization.

What is HTTPS/SSL Certificate and Why is It Important?

SSL Certificate

HTTPS is a service which aims at data security and privacy that iQWeb proudly provides with competence and ethics. The purpose of HTTPS installation is not only targeted to increase your company’s sales and revenue but also to create a superior level of customer satisfaction.