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Elevate your marketing
  • Did you know customers are 9x more likely to choose a business with a professional email address?
    With a memorable, domain-based email account, you’ll promote your company with every message.
    You can even create additional email addresses--like sales@ or info@--that deliver messages to your inbox.

  • Always have your latest emails, contacts, and appointments at your fingertips. Office 365 from GoDaddy email services work with Outlook, Apple Mail and other top programs to keep all your devices – from your laptop to your smartphone to tablet – up to date and in sync.

Look like a world-class business, even if you operate out of your garage, with professional email.

What are the benefits of having domain-based email addresses?

A domain-based email address, like, helps you look more professional with customers and promotes your website and company. In fact, customers are 9 times more likely to choose a company with a professional email address. Every time you send an email from a domain-based address, you're putting your domain name in front of customers and encouraging them to visit your website. And with each plan, you can create free ‘alias’ addresses – like one using your first name ( and others for different departments ( -- that all feed into a single inbox and make you look even more professional.

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