What is HTTPS/SSL Certificate and Why is It Important?

SSL Certificate

All sites which claim to protect data security and privacy use HTTPS or Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure which help to send the messages between computers assisted by a “code”, a set of encrypted data. The messages are decoded using this encryption, therefore, no other party can read the information sent.

Information is sent securely using the “code” on the SSL or Secured Sockets Layer from one point to another in a systems network.

Several benefits come with using the HTTPS protocol:

  1. Data sent is more secure and safer to transmit while Google has improved rankings for the websites which apply HTTPS, as the customers' experience boosts by added security. HTTPS is increasingly easier to implement and more sites are employing HTTPS even if they are not data sensitive.
  2. Google rankings improve dramatically when HTTPS is chosen to transmit data between computers, between web browsers and servers and over networks. More sites have turned to use this latest secure protocol since this is a step forward in securing your web site from malevolent cyber attacks. Your web site SEO ranking– Search Engine Optimization – improves when applying HTTPS.
  3. As you may know, even with many visitors on the site, if the buyers are in a small number which means that the conversions did not take place as desired, the business is not getting the revenue it deserves. HTTPS is a crucial point in getting a substantially higher conversion because HTTPS versus HTTP in the web site URL is obvious for the visitors. They will feel more assured and positive about their personal data kept secured by the HTTPS.
  4. They customers or prospects feel more confident to enter their personal data in the HTTPS site while feeling the peace of mind and having trust in your setting that takes them into the safe journey to purchase your products and services.

HTTPS is a service which aims at data security and privacy that iQWeb proudly provides with competence and ethics. The purpose of HTTPS installation is not only targeted to increase your company’s sales and revenue but also to create a superior level of customer satisfaction.