The Importance of Business Email


Working with a professional email ( versus free email ( or has in essence two main aspects.

The first refers to the tangible benefits, such as the risk of using emails in a negative way (spam, viruses, wrong delivery) and the second aspect deals with the intangible components, such as image and credibility. Included in the tangible benefits, one can have:

  • Lower risk of getting spammed with a professional email address since spammers use free email addresses as their emails of choice and at a frequent rate.
  • Viruses – less likely to attach to emails which belong to a business domain than to a free email domain
  • Send email to the wrong person – if only a character – letter or alphanumeric – makes the difference in an email, it is easy to misspell and send to the wrong person; this becomes serious when information sent is sensitive, like invoices, payments. It becomes a lot easier to make a spelling mistake on a Gmail than on a domain name that has way fewer users and better to control.

The professional emails can give you more tools than free emails to organize your office work along with co-workers on the vertical or horizontal level. Some applications with embedded professional email can help you run tasks, record deadlines and achieve milestones, for example you can choose generic names of emails to deal with different aspects of the business and keep them categorized. As examples you can have:

Part of intangible benefits, using a professional your domain name email means

  • Your image and business image have the appearance of a trustworthy, established business
  • The customers/clients have good feelings doing legitimate business with you
  • The customers/clients feel the comfort in dealing with your company
  • The customers/clients can know about your company faster, reliably through your self-evident domain name

Ultimately you are building a far more robust, confident and credible business image which leads to higher efficiency using the professional email as opposed to using the free email accounts.