How to Make Facebook Work For You?


Facebook members’ database is huge and as of July 2019 it comprises about 2.7 billion subscribers out of which 2.1 billion use at least one of the Facebook family products every day. The members are from a variety of countries, different ages and walks of life. Despite the high volume of people browsing Facebook pages at any given moment, the marketing could prove challenging specifically because while not guided, it spreads thin to a very large audience and your message might not be seen, heard and acknowledged.

Therefore, Facebook, loyal to their mission to bring people together and build communities, along with other social media app information providers create different methods to assist business owners and people who want to find customers, clients are who are looking to market their products and services.

Some of these methods refer to

  • generate ads in the Facebook environment
  • create one or more separate business pages
  • Facebook pixel –  an analytics tool allowing the measurement of how effective is your advertising
  • include Buttons on your Facebook business page and in your ads, such as: Boost Post and Promote
  • add control to your ads by using the Ads Manager tool to build, develop and grow your number of ads
  • create targeted audience so that your displayed ads capture the attention of those persons who look for your specific products and services

Generate ads so you can create several types of ads in your Facebook business page, such as:

  • Website Visitors Ads
  • Website Purchaser Ads
  • Page Likes Ads
  • Call-to-Action Ads
  • Automated ads

Facebook Pixel analytics tool permits understanding people’s actions on your website, given that you already have a web site for your business and not only the Facebook business page. You can install this snippet on your web site to track conversions, that is what they clicked on, what purchases they made, how many visitors your business page has in a certain period of time. This way you can measure your return on investing in your web site.

Buttons “Boost Post” and “Promote”

On your business page, at the bottom of one of your ads you could see the blue button “Boost Post”. By pressing it, you are able to create promptly an ad from an existing one which will be placed in many locations across Facebook, showing it to your specific and defined by you, audience of people. These people could show an increased interest in viewing the particular ad, boosting the audience in your Page and if they not already “liked” your Page it’s a great change they would and also comment on your post.

The “Promote” button helps you create an ad based on a specific business goal. Leads are found through the “Promote” button based on the content of your Page since while you press it and take action on the “Promote” button, Facebook can gather information from your website to promote your products and your store location to the audience.

The “Boost Post” and “Promote” buttons can help you to create, edit ads also from your mobile Facebook app and assist you on sensitive topics, such as where to show your ad and how to reach your audience.

Ads Manager” Tool

Represents a more complex tool compared to the simple creation through your Page and using the “Boost Post” and “Promote” buttons. It includes more options and access to places, tracking and building a variety of ads which you want for specific and custom audiences. It’s a powerful tool with access to many advanced Facebook features, which can be used for both marketers and management. Some of the features you will use in the tool are:

  • Ad sets, ad campaigns, duplicate ads
  • Analyze marketing campaign results and modify your marketing strategies to improve your marketing results
  • Customize the appearance of the results to display the most important aspect of the metrics

Create Custom Audiences

Facebook can help you target your audiences which mean showing your ads to the people who care about what you promote.

Regarding the creation of target audience, Facebook has two general approaches: specific and broad. You may choose one over another based on your marketing and company goals and your available resources.

Specific targeting – you establish and work with a strict set of criteria, parameters to find the best people to show your ad to. This would include learning more about Lookalike and Custom Audiences, demographic targeting explained in Facebook.

 Broad targeting – when your audience is found through the delivery system provided in Facebook, it helps searching for prospects in various places, locations, where you would not think of. This approach helps when you have not defined your specific target.

As you can see there exist plenty of tools to create, develop and grow your customer base through Facebook, and it is your choice to use them, to select those that you can do yourself and those you delegate to specialists at iQWeb, call 1-877-99-IQWEB or email Contact us and we are ready to help you!