Why Should Your WordPress Website Need Updates?

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In the present website world, one third of websites rely on the WordPress platform. When you first build your site, it comes with the latest version. Once your website is released for the public to view, it’s up to you to keep it up-to-date. You might want to not maintain your site to the most recent version due to your concern that if you do update it, the site will break.

Let’s look at the reasons why it is crucial to keep your WordPress site updated at all times:

  • security /loss of data
  • speed
  • defect and bug fixes
  • new features
  • compatibility

Being a popular platform used to build websites – about one third of all world websites use WordPress – it makes a prolific target for hackers. When uninvited guests hack your website it may produce unwanted consequences including data loss.

Thus the most important aspect is security which comes with the powerful features included in the latest version of WordPress. WordPress displays the new version every time it releases it, currently the last version is 5.2.2 and it was released June 18, 2019.

A critical aspect is determined by increasing the speed of the WordPress components. Developers create new version of WordPress with improved performance, starting from downloading themes, elements of a page, navigation menus, to running the WordPress plugins, those applications that make your website viable.

New versions of WordPress fix previous defects thus making your web site more robust, more protected from cyber attacks, and performing better. Some defect fixes examples from the last WordPress version: fix wrong navigation in media mode, make clear focus of dashboards elements, themes update links.

New eye-catching features represent another reason to keep your website updated. Version 5.1. comes with a neat feature on noticing about the outdated software which might be employed on WordPress sites and version 5.2 introduces the PHP Error Protection which optimizes the fatal errors such as “white screen of death” by entering the recovery mode and allow the administrators fix the issues in record time.

Another important aspect of updating WordPress is assuring compatibility between the WordPress version and the plugins without which your website could not function properly.

With all the above aspects you can see that the reasons behind updating your website will not only not “break” if, it will also bring you noteworthy benefits.