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Ongoing maintenance from iQWeb Solutions gives your online presence monthly support, strategic planning and execution of updates directly to your website.

Once your shiny new site is up and running, we offer a range of support options available to ensure its stability, continued success and cost effective ongoing development.(1)



Per MonthTECHNICAL MAINTENANCE: Eyes on your site Security scanning Uptime monitoring Database & files backups WordPress core file updates Plugins & theme updates Disaster recovery assistance(2)



Per Month

New features or design change
Content updates
Training & support
Digital marketing
Search Engine Optimization

Pay as you go option

If you prefer to take care of everything yourself or you would rather not commit to a maintenance agreement we will not simply abandon you!
We are on hand to assist you with any support, development, training, content update, digital marketing requirements at a flat hourly rate. We will always endeavour to respond as quickly as possible to any support request, however maintenance agreement client requests have to take priority.

The small print
(1) These WordPress website support packages are usually only available for websites designed, developed and hosted by iQWeb Solutions Inc.
(2) Should your site suffer a major malfunction or security issue we will be on hand to assist with recovery. Depending on the issue, the time and possible external resources required to fix it may result in additional charges.

Why you need to maintain your website

Regular backups

Having backups of your website is essential.
Every website owner should have backups of his or her website in case something goes wrong. (including off-site backups)

For example: there may be a problem at the hosting company, your site may become compromised by malware or malicious code and need to be repaired, you may inadvertently delete pages or content, a theme or plugin update can sometimes breaks you site…

WordPress Features

Like any software, WordPress needs to be updated on a regular basis.

Because of the open source nature of WordPress, a lot of people are working constantly to improve it and fix any bugs or security issues as they become apparent.

This means that updated versions are released frequently with 1 or 2 major updates every year and frequent minor fixes issued in between to fix immediate issues.

Website Security

To improve website security: new security features prevent hackers from gaining control of your site and inserting malicious code. This is important to maintain the credibility of your business with your audience and preserve your search engine ranking position by preventing your site from being blacklisted.

To fix bugs: updates are also issued to fix functionality issues on WordPress to optimise the way in which your website operates.

Still not sure if you need Maintenance support?

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