Why is Google forcing you to have SSL Certificate


If you don't have the SSL Certificate, Google is flagging and marking the website as Not Secure. The words show up right beside the URL.

How does it impact Your business?

The SEO of the website goes down. Google uses algorithm that gives a rating to your website that makes an impact on (along with other factors), whether your website shows up higher within top 3 or on the Second page of the search result.

Why do you need it?

Imagine making a phone call and someone is always listening in. How would you feel? When you use the website without SSL Certificate, anyone on the wifi network can see what you are doing. Imagine using the (free or paid) wifi at fast food restaurants, libraries, airports; You don't know what is that other person with the laptop doing. Other than the possibility of anyone being on the same wifi, the internet service provider can always see what forms have you filled, submitted, and what purchases you have made. They can even see the credit card numbers you have entered. Please NEVER make any purchases on any website without SSL certificate. NEVER!!!

What about your Emails?

If you don't have SSL Certificate on your website and you use a 3rd party applications like Outlook, Thunderbird, iPhone/iPad/Mac, your emails are NOT secure. Anyone on the same wifi network (if hacking) can read every email you have on your device (sent and inbox), not to mention, the internet service provider will have access to it as well. You can securely check the emails by going to iqwebsolutions.com/webmail.

How does it work and make the data secure? 

HTTPS and Why is It Important?


There are different types of certificates, the cost of  $50 cdn (no setup fee if the account is on iQWeb Server) associated with low Assurance SSL Certificate (covers liability upto $10,000). Medium assurance covers upto $25,000 in damage if loses it's integrity and has a cost of $100 (+$50 setup fee). High assurance has cost of $500 (+100 sestup fee) covering liability of upto $1.75 Million. Please connect with us if you wish to you upgrade your the SSL certificate.


Low assurance - Personal website
Medium Assurance - Small Business that ask customers to fill a 'Contact us' form, since personal information is in question. 
High Assurance - If you are charging customer's Credit Cards on the website.

Domain Only Accounts. SSL Certificates are installed on the hosting account, doesn't apply to domains only accounts.