Five Reasons Your Awesome Business Should Be Online


Let alone that we want to contribute making Earth a greener planet, other factors determine that the presence of an online business in today marketplace represents a necessity. Speed Today most information is online and people want to grab, digest it and use it fast. The accessing speed is numerous times over the conventional speed used before to connect and …

Continuous Service To Your Customers

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By keeping your computers working smoothly no matter if they are big, just desktop PCs or laptops it’s important to have them running in a continuous, uneventful and quick manner within your budget. Not doing the due diligence around your everyday computer devices can cost you a deal in the long run. Cases of loosing the data without having a …

Is Whatsapp Good for Business?


Whatsapp is an improved SMS messaging, companies can send support messages, appointment reminders, shipping alerts and other useful information, such as product demonstration videos, order notifications, boarding passes. The app is personal, works well at international level, and sends immediate communication. With an increased security using end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp has grown as the most trusted, concern for privacy, managing real-time …

How to Make YouTube Work for You?


Created in 2005, YouTube started to grow dramatically several years later with the purpose of making video accessible to others and to share them easily. It has developed since to cover large audiences while making it simple to create, develop and distribute video messages. To help putting YouTube in context, here are some statistics: almost 2 billion users visit YouTube …

How to make Instagram work for you?

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One of the most used and popular media platforms in the world, 2019 Instagram is home for no less than one billion users, it was launched as an iPhone app almost a decade before.  Businesses have a special place in daily Instagram news, with more than one third of views coming from them, at least 20% of total users visit …

How to Make Twitter Work for You?

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Twitter having people working in more than 35 offices worldwide represents a mix of social media, blogging and texting. According to their mission, Twitter supports freedom of expression strongly considering that every voice has the power to impact the world. Based on broadcast, receive process, your message contains a tweet and proves useful for someone who may find you. Compared …

The Importance of Business Email


Build a far more robust, confident and credible business image which leads to higher efficiency using the professional email as opposed to using the free email accounts. Contact iQWeb today to get Your Business Email address.

What is HTTPS/SSL Certificate and Why is It Important?

SSL Certificate

HTTPS is a service which aims at data security and privacy that iQWeb proudly provides with competence and ethics. The purpose of HTTPS installation is not only targeted to increase your company’s sales and revenue but also to create a superior level of customer satisfaction.