How to make Instagram work for you?

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One of the most used and popular media platforms in the world, 2019 Instagram is home for no less than one billion users, it was launched as an iPhone app almost a decade before. 

Businesses have a special place in daily Instagram news, with more than one third of views coming from them, at least 20% of total users visit one business page on this social media every 24 hours and 80% of all accounts follow at least one business.

Almost 40% of all adults in the US have an Instagram account. The top countries by number of users: US with 110 million, Brazil 66 million, India 64 million and just over 40% represent female. Almost 60% are under 30 years old with another one third of users just below 50 years old, 70% of all users having at least an annual income of $50K US.

Alexa ranks Instagram as the 13th most visited in the world worth at $100 billion. You wonder how it can help you for your business? Read on! A description of powerful Instagram tools follow.

Users display various, colorful, and vibrant stories more than 200 million daily, as businesses reply to stories to create, develop and maintain their brand. Famous brands such as National Geographic, Nike, NBC, Adidas, Starbucks, GoPro make the top having accounts with tens of millions of followers. Currently, Instagram stories comprise the most popular feature and have a duration of up to 60 seconds.

A free social media analytics tool, Iconosquare helps you manage your Instagram interactions, engagements rates which displays how many people reacted, commented, replied to your posts, growth charts, and best times to post. For every 1000 followers, stats show that big brands receive an average of 37 likes, so if you have 300 followers, you aim to receive 11-12 likes – multiply 300 x 0.037.

One of the most important tool is selecting the right images, accepted size of 640 x 640 pixels and essentially with an image of up to 2048 pixels square can be successfully displayed on Instagram. It’s recommended that the picture is created on your computer first and then uploaded to the social media platform. iOS users can upload images from iCloud.

Popular hashtags help you tag items and test which hashtags might be best for your photos – you can use brand hashtags or some other hashtags relevant for the keywords in your photo description which might be the most relevant and with high frequency in your community. Instagram research shows that hashtags about nature and cooperation are the most popular.

Even with a handful of tools, Instagram can help any business owner who delivers messages to an audience that frequently uses its platform to enhance their web presence, boost revenues, and benefit a broader community.