Is Whatsapp Good for Business?


Whatsapp is an improved SMS messaging, companies can send support messages, appointment reminders, shipping alerts and other useful information, such as product demonstration videos, order notifications, boarding passes.

The app is personal, works well at international level, and sends immediate communication. With an increased security using end-to-end encryption, WhatsApp has grown as the most trusted, concern for privacy, managing real-time B2C conversations in countries across the globe.

A few facts:

  • High engagement of users’ messaging: 65 billion messages per day or 750,000 messages per second
  • 450 million daily active users and a total of 1.5 billion users worldwidecompared to its rival application Snapchat which had 191 million active users a day
  • Messages have a 99% open rate & 40%+ response rate as read and receipt indicators stimulate a high response rate as part of the tools to automate, sort and quickly rely to messages
  • Over 3 million businesses use WhatsApp for Business app daily with over 10 million downloads on Google’s Play Store
  • Instant, as users can reply immediately to customers’ questions, reducing the time to answer incoming messages.
  • It can be used from your iPhone without a connection to the internet and no extra data usage cost. Telecomm providers include it in the basic application platform.
  • WhatsApp represents a superior messaging app regarding building relationships with individuals and businesses from other countries. It’s coverage now in Europe, Africa and Latin America has expanded to such extent that your business can target WhatsApp users in these regions. Presently, it covers more than 104 countries with India and Brazil users at the top.

And currently, is it good for business?

Here are a few positive factors:

  • You can create business profile with your company address, email and website.
  • You receive statistics of your messages.
  • Enhanced credibility since picture and part of your profile gets attached to messaging replies.
  • The launch of WhatsApp Business Catalog feature live by Facebook following their announcement at F8 2019, the developer conference. The catalog helps small businesses to list their products directly into WhatsApp Business Profile.
  • Number one messaging app in India.
  • Opportunity for instant replies to your audience.

Some downsides include:

  • Payments are not completed through WhatsApp directly.
  • Must get a separate phone number for business; if you already have Whatapp, you get another phone number to run business operations if you still want to keep your personal contacts.
  • It is a paid app and you have to balance benefits versus costs before purchasing.
  • Nowadays it’s not the most popular messaging app in the US, China and Australia, and it may not be suitable if you do a lot of business in these countries.

Nowadays, Whatsapp is unquestionably a superior SMS helping you connect with current customers, and to acquire new ones. It also helps you reach internationally and in any domestic communication fast, easy, and secure. Depending on your market, its location and expansion you may want to start with the free personal version if you’re not already a user. Upon building your customer relations you can choose other suitable options to develop your business infrastructure.