The Latest on Apple for Small Business

Apple for small business

Apple for small business apps gets better. Apple organization has announced their Developer conference is taking place online again in June 2021.

The IT giant has lots of hardware, software and services. They aim assisting small businesses more.

Commonly used are the iPhone Apple for small business apps.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits.

You could create 3D projects with augmented reality.
Collaborate with your team through Keynote’s presentations
Connect with your customers, vendors, potential buyers, authorities, and many other parties. Apps you’d use to connect: Messages, Mail, Facetime.

Download, and update numerous apps which help you run your business more efficient.

Below are a few apps which could tremendously help you run your business.

Indoor Maps
Multilevel maps with details for areas such as warehouses or shopping malls

Siri Shortcuts
You can create your custom shortcuts. They are quick actions in your iPhone system across your apps. You have the flexibility to dive into an app to get tasks done.

Scan documents directly from Notes app.

Create clear audio that filters the additional noise from your recordings

Core NFC (Near Field Communication)
Get your promotional materials NFC enabled. Include NFC tags in them when you advertise in your local area. Potential buyers can check it out by tapping their iPhone on the NFC tag inside your promo.

Therefore, you run a presentation from your phone to your potentials. You also speed up using your iPhone apps with practical shortcuts. You can collect numerous leads with the tags. Or scan documents directly. All these while using your iPhone with Apple for small business apps. Get in touch with us for more info.