3 Best Free WordPress Plugins For Marketers

best free Wordpress plugins for marketers

Business owners do marketing days in and out. Most switch to online marketing for the past while. Consequently, developers continuously create the best free WordPress plugins for marketers. In addition, the plugins work in different areas. They are in communication / translations, e-commerce, content, performance. As well they perform in image optimization, social media, or website visitors /subscribers communication.

Let’s look at some which emerged or have been frequently developed recently.

WooCommerce e-commerce

WooCommerce is an open source. It means developers can modify it freely. Adding to the list of the best free WordPress plugins for marketers. Furthermore, you get to keep your website full ownership and stored data. WooCommerce by nature has no limitations. That refers to selling what products or in what quantity. Alluring e-commerce storefronts, and pages customization you can create are among main benefits. Others refer to the app integration to manage your business operations properly, efficiently. WooCommerce can help you showcase your goods, product links. The e-commerce tool is flexible to create product variations, instant downloads, custom options. They are beneficial to run a profitable e-commerce site.

For social media, how do you let readers share your website content in a new way?

Better Click to Tweet, among the Best Free WordPress Plugins for Marketers

You’ll use it easily. Click a novel designed “Better Click to Tweet” box. And it displays an already written tweet. You then make the decision of the contents of the tweet. New message that you can write. Such as a text you change based on the current conversation with your customers. Go on and insert emojis and keywords, hashtags. You have them all there to deliver to your audience. While privacy and security is still a concern, look at

Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR/CCPA

When your business sells online, consider reaching worldwide. The Cookie Notice & Compliance for GDPR/CCPA plugin is relevant for businesses with audiences in Europe and California, US. Your site should display information about GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act). Website visitors’ privacy is protected by the European / Californian laws and regulations. Install this plugin. And then, visitors located in the mentioned zones see a “cookie notice.”

WordPress plugins cover comprehensive and specific functions. They deal with multiple aspects users desire. Some are necessary in business deployment, performance, capitalization. Therefore, they are considered some of the most recent best free WordPress plugins for marketers. If you need support to include the plugins in your marketing, call iQWeb specialists.