Cyber News 2020

cyber security dec 19

Here are three new developments from the soft infrastructure and security sector for the upcoming 2020.

  1. Single gateway connections

Towards the development of the Cloud platform, at Cisco, Enterprise Networking and Data Center now form one team which includes Cloud computing. The company has moved some of the services to software regular subscriptions which increases revenues for the past few years..

A main focus represents building connections for the Cloud software that originates from Microsoft, Google, AWS to promote consistency, increase integration and reduce the complexity of environments which include Cloud. Through the improvement of SD-WAN, the Software-Defined Networking for the Wide Area Networks Cisco creates a single gateway connection between the Amazon VPC, Virtual Private Clouds and on-premises networks.

With the new structure, the customers can apply security policies, network segmentation, and policy exchange to Cloud traffic data. Specialists can enhanced network security developing data security rules and maintaining consistency throughout the networks. In the same time, the Application Centric Infrastructure, ACI gives Cisco the flexibility to access, run and control software from any point in the Cloud whether public or private networks. Towards 2020, Cisco aims to improve environments by providing features that decrease operational complexity with a higher degree of intelligent automation.

2. Development of more secure platforms

The world contemplates with suspicion, fear as well as will to act in advance on the malware Sandworm developed by Russian hacker teams. This malware has been known to disrupt at a large scale including events such as elections, Olympics and infrastructure such as energy, electrical grid targeting different places across the planet. Leaders of Western countries have become aware of the increasing effect of the Sandworm virus and have started supporting more the development of secure platforms. In the same time, the software specialists in the Western countries learn more about the ways Sandworm and others of its kind cyber attack in order to mitigate at maximum their lethal impact.

3. Cloud-vendor security solutions

IBM also invests in the development of Cloud Pak for Security since the traditional security infrastructure dissolves creating new space for the cloud-vendor security solutions. The latter better manage separate environments aiming to create more efficient, powerful and superior integrations.

Cloud Pak allows secure connections of entire data sources so they uncover subversive cyber threats while performing searches through all systems using an open-source platform. Easy data exchange and collection and open-source are features of the cyber security IBM Cloud Pak which analysts deem important. With data gathered and the facilities of the open-source the security specialists can generate, automate and run a vast number of scenarios to counteract cyber threats.

As one can see the world is moving towards considerably more powerful, fast responsive and augmented flexibility of security software. They add significant value to current operational systems, address internet security risks and support a more efficient infrastructure.