2 “Invisible” and Famous Conversational AI Bots

conversational ai bots

Every day, companies encounter more difficulties as they attempt to grow their business. Costs go up for many items/ Moreover, small businesses struggle when they have to hire in almost any position.

Acquiring conversational AI bots could be the solution for better customer experience. In fact, it’s a solution suitable for medium size, or big companies as well.

Here are some of the best known. They deliver results. You see the tools, the practical applications, and their results.

Facebook chatbot software

Recently Facebook has been renamed Meta with its new AI chatbot BlenderBot3. Meta has an exclusive chatbot development approach because you can create an unlimited number of bots from the same codebase. You engage in multiple topic conversations, and bring the AI advanced context during conversations with humans.

It has come out from AI conversational research, BlenderBot3 “blends” multiple conversational skills.

However, sometimes you should not rely on what the bot says. People have made it say ‘creepy and untruthful’ things;, at times it is ‘hallucinating,’ and others started to believe it.

As a concrete example, the app helps customers search for products and find the closest store that carries the products. The Meta chatbot also helps customers place their order using the bot and then pick it up from the store.

Google conversational AI bots

Using GPT3 chatbots aims for a more personalized experience talking to customers, and they go for a deeper relationship building with online visitors.

Google LaMDa is capable of understanding natural language. It helps people find answers. And it shows users how to find the answers while not emailing or calling live customer representatives.

Conversational ai bots are numerous and refer to different aspects of businesses. They will show you how to fix a car, do gardening, or other household activity. The latest LaMDa version got out into the public and to get validated by people.

Google assumes testing done by the audience is the better.And a viable way to get the public’s feedback on some restrictions Google attempts to implement. Google wants to make the chatbot software work without significant flaws.

You can have the chance to create one on your own conversational ai bots as well. Build a foundation of its creation on your own business and customers’ requests.

And you have the chance to start from zero costs. Yes! Zero. And beautiful results that you create for your business with the best chatbot software.

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