Running Contests to Get More Customers

BLUE Running Contests to Get More Customers 1

Running contests is a fun way to get more customers. Any business needs more customers, more revenues to be successful. Moreover, they generate leads which may become your customers. Initiating contests doesn’t have to be difficult. You’d only need to set up some elements to grow your opportunities.

Lets’ look closer at a few of them
Choose a right time for your contests and giveaways. When you deliver the prize it must be at the right moment. For instance, your contest is for Valentine’s Day. Then, the prize must reach the winner on or before this day. As well, you could set the timing within a certain week. Or pick another duration such as several days. It gives you more flexibility to deliver the prize. And you won’t fail to send on time

The best giveaway. When running contests select the best prize. It means you pick one item from your products or services that makes sense to your buyers. Furthermore, they would love to have it free. The prize is also relevant to anyone participating in the contest. Having one contest prize is the most common approach. However, why wouldn’t you have another prize or maybe two more? In addition to the main giveaway. While doing it, your audience’s engagement will increase. They feel more confident about winning. Besides, they will answer your urge for referrals

Giving reasonable incentives for referrals grows your audience. In general, buyers might be reluctant to refer anyone. However, with the right strategy you stimulate them to share, distribute, spread the word. For instance, you’d ask a contest participant to refer an additional person. In exchange, the participant gets more entries proportionally. While the number they refer expands so do their contest entries and their chance of winning. They will be afraid on missing out if they don’t refer additional people.

While rewarding the buyers you’ll engage and sensibly grow your audience. You’ll keep them focused on the prize. In the meantime your following grows. People who haven’t heard about your business, they do now. Business opportunities expand faster while running contests.