4 Best Free Customer Interaction Management Platforms

Best Free Customer Interaction Management

As you may already know, keeping customers is a lot easier than looking for new ones. Retaining them requires proper interaction with your customers. How can you use the best free customer interaction management platforms? All CRM – customer relationship management – aspects can be achieved with free tools. What can you do using them?

  • maintain all customer-related information across countries and time
  • know better your customer activities including their interactions in social media
  • create personalized messages to respond to their needs

Here are the software platforms which help you achieve these aspects.


Freshworks CRM – with a free separate plan – helps you store unlimited contact details. This leads to categorizing your best leads. And target them to close sales faster. Your conversations improve using AI. It assists you in pinpointing the clientele requirements.

The package contains multiple products for specific aspects of your CRM. They include: marketing message customization, help desk personalized experience support. Or help for content-driven messages to boost revenues. A drawback is that the free version does not include features to ramp up your sales faster. That could be customer segmentation persistently throws errors when a few plugins are used. What might be of concern for a few users is that they offer support only during business hours.onalized support.


Among the best customer interaction management platforms, Hubspot allows you to view, maintain, update entire data for your customer-base. Tools are easy to understand and use. They lead to higher sales, and simplify your daily activities.
Find free tools such as forms, landing pages and email marketing. Or live chat, conversational bots, email scheduling, shared inbox. Other tools include faster editor, blogs.

Data synchronization between tools or specific data mappings are free operational features. Customer representatives can access this data anytime. The downside is that the free version does not have all your data integrated. You may look across the Hubspot free apps to get all data for a customer.


For starters, Raklet with high flexibility is one of the best free customer interaction management platforms with high flexibility. You have access to apps across the web to send emails. Or create and manage relationships, organize events. Or store, develop your customers’ company info, create social networks.

CR reps access all customers’ data at any time from anywhere. Moreover, you can use the app from your mobile phone. Flexibility on the go with free iOS and Android apps. Customer workflow information becomes easier for your company with Raklet email and chat support. The downside is the charge for transactions. If they are performed through the app, your company will remit commision only when your customers pay.


It’s one of the best free customer interaction management platforms. Intensively used by onver 10 million companies worldwide. It seems to be a one stop shop by acquiring multiple leads going towards creating the invoices. Every step in the customer support, client management, and marketing automation is covered with features from the cloud and on internal networks. Multiple team members can work in a unified workspace within project teams. Metrics manage the results. It’s also a great option for new businesses.

With those tools, you may have spotted some of the benefits of the best free customer interaction management platforms just presented.

1. It’s great for companies with less than 50 customers
2. They show flexibility to follow online sales
3. Tools know quicker what your customers want, need and when
4. Your company receives revenues faster