5 Best Free User Generated Content Platforms

free user generated content platform

Platforms which offer businesses the chance to know what the customers say. What the customers want. Users generate content. And shape what products and services you’ll deliver. The best free user generated content platforms (UGC) offer a free version. Consequently, you may upgrade it at any time you choose.


yotpo. collects testimonials from customers. They collect more than customer reviews. Moreover, the SMS Marketing empowers fastest-growing brands to get more customers. Benefit to mobile shoppers driving sales up in a few simple steps. Using SMS & MMS messages you communicate with customers at direct, personal level. Consequently, your customers and subscribers will purchase faster. Sales conversions happen in a few clicks. You nurture relationships invaluable for marketing campaigns. Another benefit is showing you real-time analytics. The platforms displays, tracks and optimizes your customers’ engagement.


Generally, WALLS.IO helps you collect brand, user generated content from various channels. For instance, from the different social media or communication channels. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Flickr, Tumblr, Messenger, RSS, Reddit. It’s a great tool to drive up engagement in plenty of places. It could be the office, shops, restaurants, hotels, or events. Your customers tell the brands story using a social Wall. It’s a innovative way to express the brand’s story. The platform dramatically helps to establish a lively community and boost revenues.


The software assists boosting user engagement. It helps building trust. Also, it increases conversions by using curation required by the audience. USG displays across all marketing platforms in your business. The platform integrates with several channels. Such as Facebook, Shopify, Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, Vimeo. In the free user generated content platform – tagboxx Widget – there is no access to custom services, hashtag campaigns, or on-site UGC uploads. The platforms data updates every 6 hours.


The distinctive mark of user generated content platform is recirculating visitors’ traffic. Live experiences boost the numbers in the audience. Your business may be the driver of the conversations. Communicating to your audience, live blogging and social monitoring stream creates incredible customer experiences. And create more traffic and revenue. The platform is powerful retaining the users on your website vs. social media. The free user generated content platform contains social stream with creation of templates, content management libraries, with SEO and WordPress plugin. You can upload images, photos, video, run social stream, use live chat, live blog. Also create a live chat profile. And your mobile app for many features. Including event analytics, summary features, embed via AMP, iFrame, Javascript


vloggi is a user-generated video content management making community engagement videos easy. Anyone can source, make a brand. And they can use unique video content created in the community.

Currently raw worthwhile videos created in communities lack good editing. The vloggi platform aim to combine those videos with the automation of video editing. And convert the mobile phone owners in world videographers. The free user generated content version allows creation of short videos. They bear the vloggi watermark and use the standard video templates. Users in your audience experiment with it and become better at making videos.

This is only a glimpse of the best free user generated content platforms currently created. If you want to know more and use them for your business, navigate to their websites. Should you require guidance, iQWeb specialists are happy to help.