Attract Customers with Free Internet Tools


Since the age of the internet unfolds, you have perhaps asked yourself questions about growing your business based mostly on the solutions the internet provides. Some of these questions could be: How can you and your business attract customers, clients with only your internet presence? What is the simplest way to advertise in your important business with the tech that the internet provides?

Besides the fact that your web site has to show attractiveness in images, catchy headlines, witted articles, special sales, it must make them stay on your web site, buy and return to repeat their actions.

Having a web site is an invitation for everyone to see, inquire more of your services, but how can you use it in the most efficient way and not be exposed to repeated rejections from strangers when you approach then for new business? Remember that people come to your web site, that your company internet presence attracts them, so rejection is excluded on the first contact. There are a few free marketing tools you can use to increase, nurture and retain your customers.

Reviews on Google or Your Web Site

Google provides a review tool which can be incorporated by the web specialists to increase your site’s visibility.

If you believe that your customers like your services, ask them how your services have been, and when you get the positive answer, request a written review on the internet. Mention to your customers that you value their time and even when they drop one line, that would be sufficient to review your products and services.

When the customer seems angry, ask them the reasons, listen to their comments, understand what their issues are and act upon with promptness, quality and efficiency. Then, you may as well ask for a positive review and let them show how a situation has turned into a positive experience.

Testimonials as a Proof of Your Service

Ask your customers or clients to write even a one sentence testimonials to say what they like the most in your service, your product. If they say that they have no time, ask them to say in three words what are the most three things they like about doing business with you. Write them down, offer to send them a quick sentence about what they said and they have the opportunity to review it. After their review and acceptance, have the testimonial published on your web site. You have customers’ and clients’ testimonials under control.

Free Online Surveys

Find out for yourself what your customers want by inserting tools on your web site such as polls about your products, services, events and let the customers know that your company runs a survey with a deadline and incentives. If you cannot do it yourself ask the web specialists to help you install one on your business web pages.

When people come to you through the internet, they will see all the displayed communication tools and will act accordingly. As more people nowadays prefer having the first contact with your company through a computer, you get more visitors and customers through the internet, than if you struggled around in person, directly approaching them and possibly failing to communicate to more than 80% percent. Your web site and the adjacent internet tools represent an excellent mean to follow up. Following up is a golden mine for creating more revenue for your organization.