Start Reinventing Your Business to Ensure Efficiency

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Given the changes which have taken place in the spring of 2020, you might think that it’s early to rearrange your business, to adapt to new frames of actions, to different formats of your life, business, and leisure activities. It may well be that some elements remain, some others will take a turn as it becomes more convenient, more efficient or faster to run it differently. The corona crisis may have shown it and it has prepared the environment to reinvent your life and deploy a new way of doing things.


Your business may have been running conveniently for you or some of the building blocks of your business: some customers or vendors. Giving new conditions, do you think of ways to improve the convenience factor so all can benefit? Your business could have run partially online and it has proved efficient to search the right product. What if the search is extended, you reinvent it and your customers get more knowledge, you place the info online along with the products and/or services. This makes it convenient for your clients/customers to order from one place. It improves the rate of finding prospects and converting them into customers from the same place, the other side of the internet line.


Look at the new business surroundings and envision your organization embedded fully into it and thriving. It means that your company performs at its efficiency peak, and you measure the results.

Currently, you may have KPI (Key Performance Indicators) which reflect your business results. Take each of them and define what components it includes. For instance, take the revenue per client KPI and understand which business components contribute to it. If to create your company revenue involves costs with equipment, software, hardware, salaries, rent and others, list all and discover how you can make them more efficient. You look to improve the revenue related to the same costs.

What components of your business you see now that don’t fit in the new? And name the components which do fit and can be improved. While continuing this exercise you focus on increased efficiency and reinvent your organization.


Should you have a business with location, create services and/or products and customers come to you, envision a package with delivery, or pick-up, or both bundled with the items sold. Services as food, pizza, other items delivery stay in business during crises and they thrive. Bundling sourcing the products, and services with delivery reaches your clientele faster, more efficient for both parties. If you don’t intend to embed it due to costs, skills or other reasons you could look for a specialized courier, explain the terms and outsource it to them for a low cost.

Even other businesses where you provide services one-on-one such as barber shops, dentists, hospitality companies can undergo improvement. New tools, devices or gadgets appear to ease your work, to make it faster, more efficient.

Some present businesses can reinvent themselves to either transfer all or partially functions on the internet. However the answer might not be fully online for those which service is delivered in person. It implies a radical change in thinking on how to approach the service towards your customers and all other entities of your organization to create the best results from health to financial that benefit us all.

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