How to Become a Powerful Brand Influencer


What is an influencer? It means one who has “the ability to influence potential buyers of a product or service by promoting or recommending it on social media”. These individuals could work in companies and can be connected to key players in industry associations, communities, media and consumer circles.

Can you be an influencer in your niche? With more online presence, you business can choose to become a brand influencer. When you are an influencer your company is in better position because it has both more chances to conclude the sales and to provide influencer services for other companies in a slightly different niche with a similar audience. For instance, one that embraces a broader range of products compared to your existing audience.

Other companies can take advantage of your brand influencer skills and you can help then promote their brand for a fee, your company receives more revenues. With the small business and in your niche, you could be a micro-influencer which means you have followers in a range of 1000 up to 5000 in your niche in a particular social media platform.

When you perform some actions:

  • have a voice
  • approach brands in your niche
  • express and share knowledge in an authentic manner
  • network and collaborate with other influencers in your arena
  • set your goals of brand influencer

You can be one influential person in your area of expertise, a brand influencer who can grow revenues not only for own business, but for many others.

Let’s briefly examine the actions.


As you are an expert of what you already sell, you have a definite opinion about the specific products you promote, what are their impact, how are they created, distributed, and how they can be improved.


You become a brand influencer following contacts with other brand creators. Knowing more about the brand, how you promote them, you see the trends set by your audience and can influence a profitable brand development. Your company can make solid income not only from pure product promotion but also from helping predict future brand direction. Your audience engagement contributes to it.

Being Authentic

People join other people when they feel the honesty, integrity and authenticity. You get more return on investment from followers and more engagement – the reactions, comments, actions on your social media posts – while in the position of a micro influencer whose work is based on credibility, accuracy and trustworthiness.

Other influencers

Networking and collaboration with other brand influencers is critical to develop your authority in the niche and to pioneer new ways of brand promotion. Some relationships could become so beneficial that it could skyrocket your campaigns.


Looking from the end, what you want to achieve from being a brand influencer? You set your intentions on: number of engagement, number of actions, and additional followers for specific targets and then you create your desired results.

It’s likely that you have already taken these actions at a lower scale. If you already have, you can now just boost, intensify, and upgrade your actions so you reach a larger audience. Following these you not only boost your company you also help grow other organizations. While influencing your niche you could be a source to challenge trends, bring about movements, and inspire creators.

One more point: is it a good idea to start becoming a brand influencer right now, in the mid of a crisis? In fact, there’s never been a better time to become a micro influencer since people are more than ever grounded, and stay, watch or work from a screen. Now, more people are looking where to take the next glance, where to get the next best advice, and where they can focus their budget for an advantageous purchase. And you can help them!

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