Mobile Friendly Website: How It Helps Your Business?

mobile friendly website

Having a mobile-friendly website is imperative nowadays. Statcounter Global Stats shows that more than 50% of people who open websites use mobile devices. Depending on the geographic area, this number could go up to 70%. Let’s see what happens if your website is not fit for mobile devices.

Why a Mobile Friendly Website?

Mobile phones and iPads are the wave of the future with higher performance, reliability, and ease of use. They are also easier to carry and more affordable. If your current website isn’t mobile responsive, you may avert plenty of visitors, buyers, and ultimately you negatively impact your business bottom line.

Google positively impacts scores and higher ranking for websites that take little time to load, and display well in all device categories: mobile, desktop and iPad. If your site is not mobile friendly, Google may not even consider it.

To make a mobile friendly website, you\ll have to implement some changes.

Adjustments to Set Up Your Mobile Friendly Website

Here are a few points to employ and get your site look good from the smartphone or iPad:

  • Implement easy navigation, pay attention to have a navigation menu that doesn’t overload the small screen of a mobile device.
  • Use images with the right size for your web pages
  • Avoid using ‘flash’ video, as a majority of the mobile devices do not work well with it.
  • Change the “clickable” elements – buttons, menus, and links – to “tappable.” These elements will be bigger in size, tapped by thumbs, and not clicked by the mouse. 
  • Rework the hover states because the “tappable” elements behave differently when touched.
  • Embed easy functionality to navigate and manage the functions in the site from a 3-inch screen.

With all the above changes, you’d want to know if your website provides a good experience for your visitors. 

Are You Certain That You Have a Mobile Friendly Website?

Your business website will show results in the test you perform to check for the responsiveness using mobile devices, iPad, and desktop. Depending on the results, your website is put by Google in the category of mobile-friendly or not. 

A Simple Test

You can find out easily how your site looks like on a mobile device. Simply adjust the dimensions of the web browser on your computer. Reduce the height and width of the browser, and watch how your pages modify. If they just become smaller and adjust, your web pages may be fine.

If you’d want to know how responsive your website is check with iQWeb specialists to advise you where your websites stand. It’s never too late to make your website look properly on all devices and to achieve a higher ranking and be found by numerous visitors.