How to Complement Your Existing Business (with Free Best Apps)


Thinking of starting a new business while you’re still running another one? It’s already a daunting task to run a business nowadays with all challenges piling up every day, every hour. Another business will give you more opportunities to open up to the world, and you can do this by employing free best apps for small business. You will do more things in less time, you’ll use more of your strengths to help your community on a higher scale.

Since you are already running a business this new one should complement the other. Think of what you’re now outsourcing but you could perform at higher quality which your customers appreciate or at lower costs.

Lacking startup cash shouldn’t keep you from striking out for another business. As you know, some businesses require little or no upfront funds. If you are thinking of increasing your cash flow, look at the best ways to start your second business with no money.

Acquire some of the free best apps to start a business and to help you organize and manage your daily tasks.

Most of these apps work best on mobile devices. Just check if you can download them on both your desktop and mobile.

Abukai Expense – quick, easy way to create expense reports, free for occasional receipts, now up to 100 receipts a year

Square – swipe credit card while you have a mobile business (for example a food truck)

Google Keep – take general notes fast and organized – helps you gather information from across the web and organize it into lists. It’s helpful when you want quick, organized info you could use to fix your problems

LastPass – easy password management tool that remembers passwords for you

Slack – easy messenger intended for businesses with a free light version

Genius Scan  – scan your documents on the go  – design your stories to appeal to your listeners

Survey Monkey – basic plan, keep in touch with your customers and learn how you can improve

And how can you use these free best apps to start complementing your business? You will engage them for best results when you turn your favorite hobbies into profitable jobs. Some examples are: courier / deliveries, personal trainer, personal finance, personal shopper, closet organizer

Sometimes, just by surveying your customers you find out what extra needs they have that you can complement, set up and deliver without hassle, for more profits, and with win win results.