5 Free Tools to Design Posts for Social Media


Whether you run the daily operations or a marketing campaign you benefit from having additional resources to help you communicate through beautiful designs. Therefore, free tools to design posts for social media come in handy for your promos.

The following five free tools you already use contain lots of libraries with templates, stock photos and graphics that can help your company have a great image. They make your message stand out.


It helps you build quick free animated images for your website or social media posts in addition to the conventional photos. Crello also comes with free templates where you can create animation that you like using the built-in library of icons and images. Upon finalizing your work, download it as a MP4 or a GIF formatted file.


This app is popular among the free tools to design as it contains several features that other free graphic apps don’t offer. They have a powerful learning centre with free step-by-step instructions, and a solid free course to learn the basics and numerous design components. The latter comprises thousands of graphics, templates and video for your marketing requirements. You can save your graphic in various file formats PDF, JPG, PNG and MP4.

Gravit Designer

You benefit the most with this vector editor when you use it to create more advanced graphics. As one of the free tools to design, it’s perfect when you like to create an image of any size and then increase or decrease its size without impacting the clarity. The free plan doesn’t have lots of Cloud storage and lets you create only PDF files. However, you’ll find it an easy to use online tool that has lots of features to control your design and make graphics from scratch.

Adobe Spark

It helps you create images, websites and landing pages for your promotions also on the free plan. Adobe Spark products saved in the Creative Cloud stay separate from others and your files created with this tool do not count towards your storage quota. In the free plan, keep watching out for the Adobe watermark, that you can remove, but it is an extra step in your design

Design Bold

This tool allows you access free images, templates, presentations, leadpages and lots of other resources and make your own design materials. When you save, download or resize them, you’ll have to login and you’ll have access to thousands of graphic materials. On top of their inherent features, it contains numerous vector photos and infographics. You only tweak a few elements, like text to customize it. The free version is truly for everyone. Simple to use, resource-rich, your promo materials get done in a minute.

Conducive way of free tools to design

The tools also have the option to login with your Google or a social media account, and some with Apple, a convenient way to access. Although the apps exhibit some differences, all the free tools to design have in common ease of use, quick results and doing it all for free.