What’s New in Email Marketing?

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One of the most significant ways to increase sales is to adopt the right email marketing strategy. Within the past 25 years of internet growth, companies, individuals and self-employed practitioners who use the internet have perfected different ways to acquire, establish and maintain the relationships with their clients tweaking a set of email marketing techniques.

Initially, there was more difficult to implement refined marketing messaging over the internet. In all markets, more than three quarters of total sales require at least five follow-up calls. Therefore it is said that to close the deal, sellers need to ask at least six times. More, after only one follow-up call, about half of the sellers give up. The result? Competition will take care of that sale.

To ease up the sales process, the email distribution strategy, as the natural extension and ultimately replacement of the traditional mail develops in some of the two most used techniques: email segmentation and drip email communication.

You might have plenty of customers with similar needs and wants, and still they would choose different products, services, advice at a certain point. To increase the effectiveness of your products/services delivery your company employs email segmentation. They build the contact list segmentation of their audience based on specific needs, time-frame and previous campaigns. Thus, companies use campaign monitor segmentation to oversee each customer’s actions, this method empowers you to perform customized deliveries at the time the customers need or want them.

The method of drip marketing means sending pre-written messages, to an audience in a permanent flow in multiple stages. Your prospects go through different stages until they decide to buy from your website, or contact you based solely on the web site information.

First, they become aware that your web site, services, promotions exist, then they show interest, people start getting to know you because you catch their attention, then they show consideration as they understand that what you offer helps them and only lastly they convert, buy from your offerings or contact you directly.

Using the internet, drip marketing which includes email, posts in social media or any other digital messages was harder to employ over a decade ago. Nowadays, companies build reliable, flexible apps to schedule email messages which support drip marketing communication by applying advanced scheduled messaging, more storage and refined format.