4 Power Tools for Efficient Collaboration

tools for efficient collaboration

When you run a business, team communication is important. Using tools for efficient collaboration improves your communication. As a result, you’d look for the best collaboration platform. Or for online interactive tools.

Truth is they are of different categories. Mainly, you use tools to send messages, or speak with the team members. On the other hand, improving execution of business tasks requires shared understanding. You can do this using


It’s one of the tools for efficient collaboration making faster decisions. This tool builds a platform. At the same time, the team members have conversations. SLACK contains apps at various places convenient for you. They can be in a web browser, on your mobile or tablet. As well, it works fine on your PC. Efficiently, one search box helps you search all you need. For example, it includes your files, conversations, links or Google drive content. Consequently, you may integrate services from other apps into your conversations. Your other apps could be: Google Hangouts, Trello, Tweeter, etc.

Other types of tools for efficient collaboration refer to messages and calling in the meeting context.


It supports many desired features. They refer to unlimited one-on-one meetings, whiteboard, chat, virtual backgrounds. Users can provide screen sharing. Video conferencing takes place easily. And it’s developed a convenient way to access through web browsers. A high number of attendees, 100, can participate in videoconferencing. They have, however, a limited time for the session.

Google Hangouts

Free in the US and Canada, it’s one of online interactive tools for communication. You can chat, call, send messages. Use video chats from your PC, laptop or mobile for free. Team members collaborate across Google Docs and Hangouts. Moreover, launch calls are fast due to efficient circles’ management. It offers the capability to register your conference or call on YouTube


is one of the project tools for efficient collaboration. Used for calling across the world, and instant messaging. It allows free or low-cost usage across various devices. Teams with online presentations can use screen-sharing. You get notifications, a personal voicemail message. It makes it easy to have group calls, up to 25 people.

The tools make your business more effective. Your teams – even if it’s two persons – communicate better. Don’t know how to install or use the apps? Call the iQWeb specialists for help. Further, you benefit more from the tools for efficient collaboration. Some have a free version.