The Latest IT Business News for Small Organizations

The Latest IT Business News

The latest IT business news focuses on increasing cyber security. With more people online, your software and equipment must be safe, secure and easy to use. When the IT systems are not 100% secure, cyber attacks may weaken them. Cyber gangs continue to develop malware copying files data before encryption. The criminals send the acquired data to the victims and demand cash within a strict deadline. They threaten to sell the data if they don’t get what they want.

A recent FBI flash alert points to a new ransomware. It targets schools, colleges, universities. For now, the attacks have hit institutions in USA and UK. A new version of malware appears in the latest IT business news. It is called

Trickbot ransomware

It spreads when you open an email attachment. It now has more bad capabilities for stealing passwords and data from remote devices. In order to satisfy securely all your business needs keep your systems anti-malware up-to-date. Train yourself and your employees to avoid suspicious email and texts.

Cyber criminals get passwords for remote access using different tricks. One of them is phishing emails with attachments. When you open them, they infect your system. It’s critical to check who you receive email from. Without doubt, don’t open emails you don’t recognize the sender. Protect your online privacy with a few simple actions. Furthermore, impose the same policy in your organization.

Updating your system with more secure software may require additional resources.

As well, if your business lost income due to the pandemic, you could get help from the Ontario Small Business Support Grant. Applications are currently open until the end of the month. Check your business eligibility and take the necessary steps to improve it.

Moreover, businesses are aware that reducing costs is also critical to maintain a healthy organization. Therefore they tighten relationships with other institutions to request a reduction in business taxes. This is another important piece of the latest IT business news.