Small Businesses Using Artificial Intelligence

small businesses using artificial intelligence

The penetration of AI in different sectors of business has become more obvious recently. The number of small businesses using artificial intelligence is growing.

Aside from manufacturing, AI-driven technology has loomed in various sectors. Marketing, customer support, and repetitive operational tasks are some of them.

Artificial intelligence tools have made their mark in companies like Google and Amazon. Facts support also small companies profit from AI tech. They can take advantage at least to the same extent as the large corporations do.

Let’s look at a few of the areas of small businesses using artificial intelligence. While incorporating AI in the daily functions, companies can thrive.

Customer support

One of the most critical aspects of any business – customer support – welcomes various tools to improve efficiency. Chatbots provide interaction between customers and the online websites of organizations. They do it most often through the chat functionality. 

The customer reps often engaged with clients.They may not be available for everyone. For instance, chatbots initiate the conversations with the prospects. By providing fast connectivity between the new visitors on the website they raise the likelihood of getting more revenues.

Without chatbots, new visitors may leave the website quickly. This leads to lost opportunities, and to no financial gain for both visitors and companies.

Therefore, AI-driven chatbots are the source of invaluable services in the arena of customer service. They must have access to relevant data to be effective. Chatbots are used to helping clients, and prospects:

  • in higher numbers relative to humans
  • listen, quantify, analyze and understand customers’ requests to identify complex problems
  • generate powerful insights to shape up solutions

Above all, some examples of chatbox include Alexa, Siri, or Cortana.

Documents automated management

Small businesses using artificial intelligence digitize documents efficiently. Consequently, automated management of documents uses Optical Character Recognition tools. In addition, they solve the document management problems. Some produce more accurate results. Some other refer to the creation of categories of documents, or tagging for better handling

Managing Communication

Communication management is a milestone in any business. Therefore, some small businesses using artificial intelligence already engage in:

  • building earnings reports
  • creating products reviews or investment portfolio reviews from available data

Further, potential arises to create news releases and marketing elements in different marketing plans.

Future use of the AI predicts that artificial intelligence tools will create business publications for organizations. As a result, this information refers to the products, services or the events in an organization.

What you’ve just read, however, are only a few examples in the communication area of the small businesses using artificial intelligence.

In a short period, the use of AI tools excels in important areas. They increase business speed, sustain improved accuracy, and process boundlessly more information. Contact the iQWeb Solutions specialists to give you more information relevant to your businessand technology needs.