New POS Device Helps Small Businesses

Tap & chip card reader

Tap & chip card reader with Shopify eCommerce makes the small business owners feel more confident about their sales results. Tap & chip card reader through Shopify POS has been recently introduced as the consequences of the pandemic still unfold. The revenues lost last April by small brick-and-mortar businesses amounts to about 70%. Once the Canadian businesses applied for the POS with the tap & chip card reader, the companies have made up about 95% for the lost revenues.

The benefits of the tap & chip card reader are essential.


Companies can make their products available anywhere: online, in their store, other websites, and marketplaces

Contactless payments

Customers have the option to buy online and pick up at the curve where they make a contactless payment with the mobile feature

Omnichannel approach

When businesses use tap & chip card readers for payments they unify the business. Across every sales channel, companiess become adaptable for business today. Successful organizations build revenues from several channels. One platform can keep all your business transactions from these sales channels in sync.

Fully integrated payments with tap & chip card reader

Tap & chip card reader with Shopify eCommerce is fully integrated with Shopify payments. Retailers that use this payment device can track and manage their orders and payments easier and integrated into one place.

No third-party setup

When you turn on the new Shopify payments based on the tap & chip card reader, you won’t have a third-party setup. It’s then faster for you to install it while receiving your payments in a few days.

Accelerated checkout options

The system permits accelerated checkout options from Apple Pay and Google Pay. With major credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, and American Express your business can also accept contactless chip & PIN payments.

Robust hardware

Keep your devices secure and charged, it includes a scratch-resistant and shatter-proof case, winner of the well-known “Red Dot Award” for product design.

You have just browsed the basic benefits of tap & chip card reader from Shopify. Should you consider increasing your sales dramatically, Shopify tap & chip card reader is definitely a product to look at.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliates of Shopify or of the products explained in this blog. We just aim to deliver content that has proved useful for other businesses to provide better results for yours, in case you choose to use these products.