Is Your Web Site Working For You?

website works for you

Your web site is like a physical location on the internet.

Google and other major search engine have specific rules and guidelines which can apply to your site if you engage them to make it more visible to customers so you can increase sales without breaking the bank. Most importantly the sales can come while you are not even present as when you are sleep or on a vacation.

When people and other businesses find your web site, you would be in your way to get more coverage and then, more revenues with higher profits. How your web site responds to the prospects and customers searches on the internet has multiple aspects. A critical one is that those who are looking for certain products or services can actually and physically find your digital information.

When you and your company is on the web, more people can access your site because they do it from the convenience of their place, easily through digital devices and at any time. Your web site content has to be relevant to their search and respect the Google search engine guidelines. For example, they look for a jewellery store in Mississauga, by just doing the search using these words:

                     jewellery Mississauga

Your prospects and customers should be able to see your web site link appear in the first page.

Another important aspect refers to how easy it is to locate your information, how your potential customers get captured by the web site content of information you display and ultimately purchase what you display on your website. Since purchases are important for your company bottom line, it is absolutely critical to set goals for your web site. They could mean different key indicators: number of visitors, clicks, number of conversions during a period of time, dollars invested in the creation and the maintenance of your web site and the dollars earned by selling your products and services right from your web site.

Our web specialists at iQWeb can help your business to employ the search engines different tactics so your web site is more responsive to people willing to buy from you, such as discovering your site, understanding what is your site about and finding on your web site pages the most relevant information that provides the best answers and customer experience.

When you want to provide the best customer experience and most appropriate answers to your web visitors to get your desired results, then it is a must to consider the following:

  • a fast load of your business web pages
  • appropriate accessibility by mobile phones
  • current, useful, relevant and timely web pages content

For all these to happen and increase your bottom line the online ongoing maintenance which Google and other major engines see and account for is absolutely necessary.

At iQWeb Solutions Inc, we can assist you with the responsiveness of your web site and help you understand how can you capture more potential customers. Please connect with us at