Have you claimed “Google My Business”

iQWeb Solutions Google Search

Google started their business as a search engine, and over time it became a marketing platform. Back in 1998, Google approached Yahoo selling their search engine algorithm that populated the results based on credibility over current standards. Upon refusal from yahoo; today, Google stands where we use its name synonym  to online search. There has been much growth over time and when Google started the Maps platform, the idea was simple, to navigate from point A to point B. It was a matter of time before Google found a way to generate revenue from this platform as well. This is where Google My Business comes in.

Is your business on Google Maps SEO optimized? SEO optimization was limited to websites only till few months ago when G+ was scheduled to discontinue, some integrations were made in Google and Google Maps that has started giving certain business advantage over others.

Your Neighbouring Business and competition  are probably using such services if you see high traffic and engagements.

What should you do? Start by claiming your business on Google maps by going to Google maps and search for your business, you should see and option to ‘Claim this Business’. If it is already claimed and you didn’t do it, please connect with us ASAP to figure out who is using your business name without your consent.

Google My business helps your business rank (show up) higher when specific keywords (about your business) are searched on Google Maps. The end Goal is to bring more customers to your website and business. As the ranking of your business increases, your business will start showing up higher on a bigger radius.

After the business is Claimed, make sure all the information is as accurate as possible and you have added keywords specific to your business.

At iQWeb Solutions Inc, we can assist you with Google My Business and help you understand how can you capture more potential customers.. Please connect with us at hello@iqweb.ca to discuss the growth possibilities.