The Free Canada Business App for Your Success


Continuing to help businesses to assist their activities the Government of Canada has announced the launch of a new app for small businesses.

The free app called the Canada Business App is available for Apple and Android devices and is perfect to navigate government services, receive recommendations tailored to the small and medium-size business. The users can set up notifications and receive the answers they need to enter new markets, access them successfully and scale them up.

How you download: just go to the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Another way to download is to google ‘free Canada Business app’

After the download of the free app, users can customize how it’s going to display, and they have control over the notifications, receiving regular calendar updates for important dates. The app allows users to tailor search results to only display relevant sources.  

After they perform queries, the users can access a built-in chat feature and assistance is on the way.

At present, the free Canada Business app is in early development and roll-out stages, and more robust versions will be deployed within the coming weeks and months.

Users may send comments and ways to improve, by clicking “Feedback” at the app’s main menu. Send your thoughts and help shape this priceless resource for the longer term.

Small and medium-size organizations form 99% cent of all Canadian businesses. With over ten million people employed across the country, they are crucial to our economy. They need help in sorting out the formal procedures with the government or how to penetrate new markets, start and grow in new environments. The free Canada Business app gives information in this regard.

The free app targets to provide assistance to small businesses while the government intends to decrease the regulatory burdens. Giving business owners the opportunity to use the free app, the government aims to decrease the small and medium-size business’ beaurocratic loads. Its intent is to boost the small business development across the country to make space for creativity, growth and increase the number of jobs.