3 Free Online HR Tools to Save You Time & Money

free online HR tools to help business

As a business owner you have lots to do. HR is not a simple task to deal with. So, free online HR tools are here to help you. Moreover, they’re free and save you lots of time and energy. Best of the free online HR which will aid your business efficiency are open source. Using it, you’ll have a chance to improve it. You can be part of the team to give feedback for the tools. Let’s go over some. And you’ll spot the immediate benefits.

Sentrifugo, your free online HR tool

It’s a reliable online HR open-source tool and also free. You’re saving lots of time since it can do many critical tasks. For instance, you can rigorously monitor each activity, input the service requests. You also use the talent acquisition functions. They help you do detailed analytics. You need this when you engage different HR activities. They may be related to: background checks, or schedule interviews for candidates. Simply, you can use the reports also to prioritize your hired talents’ abilities.


You can use this tool to log your employees’ hours. Furthermore, you’ll organize projects and prioritize their tasks. You’d reorganize and rearrange projects accounting for planning and tracking their tasks. More efficiently, you get clear reports. A downside is that at some point you’ll pay. Therefore, after the one month trial period you’d pay a small amount to use it regularly.

Mark the Job

Would you want to retain your employees? You’ve hired talent that produces. Now you want to keep them. The best way to use your free online HR tool is to create efficient reviews. Performance reviews that work for employees and managers. This is among the free online HR tools which gives you great rating scales. It makes it easy to evaluate your work force. And if it’s hard for you to set-up the apps, iQWeb specialists are here to help.