2 Best Free Email List Plugins

best free email list plugins

Conducting business online, getting the information from web visitors could be challenging. You could ask yourself what’s an efficient way to make an email list for free.

Among the best free email list plugins are the sidebar and the popover. They are free plugins ready to install at any time. You’ll find out how they look like. And you’ll learn the upsides and downsides using each. In the brief description, you also get the answer to ‘Where should my opt-in form appear?’


It’s a simple form that doesn’t require much information from the visitor. It is also the most common on websites. Place it on the right of the page towards the top. This location is the best since people tend to look that way.

The advantages of using the sidebar

  • perfect position on the page to get noticed
  • numerous list-building plugins support it
  • availability of different forms based on the page content

Although the sidebar has obvious advantages, it can also become unnoticed by the web visitors. This is a downside which may reduce the number of subscriptions.


It’s a straight to the point, simple form. One of the best email list plugins, the popover is easily accessible displaying right in the face of the visitors. It demands immediate attention.


  • great position at the center
  • great subscription sign-up due to high conversion
  • numerous list-building plugins support it

As a downside, it suddenly pops up. And it can be deemed as overly bold. It obscures the content readers want to see. And the results are not equally efficient in every niche.
However, the popover provides high conversion being one of the best free email list plugins.
The two email list building plugins are the most popular on the web. Other list building plugins can help you get more. Subscribers will give you more contact information if required. With attractive web content they will spend longer time on your site. It leads to building trust between you and them. And their contact information goes to your database. Using an effective tool, your business can develop and maintain a relationship management database. Your website visitors’ subscribe using one of the best free email list plugins.
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