Free Tools for Business Growth


Lots of software apps help grow, manage, and accomplish milestones in your business. We are now looking at a couple, those that have free versions with invaluable features.

The Business card scanner

ScanBizCards the free lite version, represents a reliable way to keep your contacts digital, easy to store, retrieve, and access. You don’t type your contacts manually ever again with this app which you can download for your iPhone or iPad. And you’ll stay in touch at ease conveniently using the superior OCR (Optical character recognition) technology which has the ability to create a digital copy from the materials, recognize text within images and photos transferring them into electronic version you keep.

ScanBizCards app is easy to use, and it is also easy to set-up. Most reviews are happy with the customer support, although some find the app difficult to navigate. Overall, OCR scanning is accurate and the app connects fast when uploading the card info.

The ScanBizCards premium version includes unlimited export of your new contacts to the CRM, as well as a follow up feature. The address book sync feature exports without effort your connections in various ways to: spreadsheet or own phone book. Recently they added new features to the paid version: reading from an exhibit badge and batch scanning where more than one card is scanned at a time.

The Customer Relationship Manager

Salesforce app helps your business to keep customer, vendor and other contact information in one place, provide personalized service to each of your customers, manage business relationships. It saves time, and resources to access, use and realize a profit.

Multiple useful features for a regular CRM are incorporated. The free version aims to answers all customer related questions regarding the storage, management and access of your contacts. Within the trial version you receive sample data, a non-production version, and the package of features any business would normally use to manage their clients information.

The paid version refers to specific licences which do not expire unless not paid for, and offers larger bandwidth to manage your customer data. Otherwise, between the free version which is offered for a limited time, usually 30 days there is not much difference at least regarding the most critical features you’d use for customer management, and below are displayed a few:

  • create/add, update, delete customers
  • import customers’ data
  • keep track of their details
  • monitor deals with customers
  • track and solve customers’ issues
  • reports on your business from various angles

In conclusion, should your company have more than one hundred customers to look after regularly, and even with less depending on your decision, the Cloud based Salesforce does the job. It keeps track of your contacts, and their related events to help you achieve a different level of understanding your business, and reach a new stage in your company development.