Scalable Cloud

Cloud Computing

The term Cloud computing is not new. It appeared in the 1960s when there was a need to store data in a centralized hub while using it from a screen terminal to retrieve, modify and save it. Then, the development of client-server and the PC industry induced more independence of the computer systems which made the Cloud usage to fade …

The Importance of Business Email


Build a far more robust, confident and credible business image which leads to higher efficiency using the professional email as opposed to using the free email accounts. Contact iQWeb today to get Your Business Email address.

Foldable Phones

samsung foldable phone

The phone industry is well on its way to unravel the first large scale usable foldable phone which in its form represents a comeback to the look and feel of cellular devices as they initially kicked off this industry about three decades ago. However, due to the unparalleled progress of cellular phones which includes the current cutting-edge features, folding the …

Massive Data Security Breach

Data Breach

Education yourself on data security and let iQWeb lead you on the journey of increased security and privacy of data for your organization.

What is HTTPS/SSL Certificate and Why is It Important?

SSL Certificate

HTTPS is a service which aims at data security and privacy that iQWeb proudly provides with competence and ethics. The purpose of HTTPS installation is not only targeted to increase your company’s sales and revenue but also to create a superior level of customer satisfaction.