Fee Setup

There is no setup fee on our basic, standard or advance packages. The student plan is subject to a one-time fee of $20 CDN.

Free Domain

We offer absolutely free domain
registration with all web hosting packages. Your domain will be renewed
automatically with web hosting every year. There is no hidden cost or
catch. To see a list of all the TLD & GLD domains we support please
domain registration page.

Sub Domains

If your domain name is mycompany.com,
by using this feature you can create domains like
toronto.mycompany.com, calgary.mycompany.com, newyork.mycompany.com
etc. If your website is a family site e.g. myfamily.com, your family
members can have their own web sites like john.myfamily.com,
jane.myfamily.com etc. When you create a sub domain you have an option
to either use the same FTP credentials as the master domain and simply
allow the sub domain files to be stored under a sub directory in the
master domain, or create a separate FTP login account and setup the sub
domain to have its own space.

Domain Aliases

By using this feature you can create
multiple aliases to redirect the users to your primary domain while
displaying the URL they requested. For example if your domain name is
mycompany.com and you create an alias mycompany.net, when somebody
types in mycompany.net they will see the contents of mycompany.com
while the URL will still say mycompany.net.


Plesk is a very powerful and amongst
the most popular GUI based tool that you can use to manage your web
hosting account. You can use it to create and manage email accounts,
sub domains, view website statistics, open a helpdesk ticket etc.

To see Plesk demo please click here.

Hotlink Protection

Hotlinking (also called file
leeching, remote linking, direct linking, bandiwidth stealing or
bandwidth banditism) is a term used for describing a situation when a
web page of one domain owner is directly linking to images (or ther
multimedia files) on the web host of another domain owner, usually
using an img tag. If your domains are hotlinked, you may face the
problem of excessive bandwidth usage.

Web site Builder

Why spend money when you can create
your own professional website for Free? Our web site builder contains
more than 500 professional templates.

Try the web site builder for free, click here.

Numerous Free Web Applications Available

If you decide to host your web site
on the Linux server, you will be able to choose from numerous web
applications that are available.

Custom DNS

By using this feature you can setup your custom DNS like ns.yourdomain.com, ns2.yourdomain.com, ns10.yourdomain.com etc.

Free Applications

All our web hosting packages include
over 300 free applications including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and a
lot of other Blog, Gallery, Email, Forum and other business realted
applications. Please note that all applications are freely available
once your web hosting account is setup. We can assist you in locating
and installing these applications, but they are offered on as-is basis.
iQWeb will not take any liability or provide any support on any 3rd
party applications.

Detailed Website Traffic Statistics (AWStats)

AWStats is one of the most powerful
detailed web site statistics reporting tool available in the market. We
provide AWStats for absolutely free where as other web hosting
companies only provide you the raw data and ask you to generate the
reports yourself.
Click here to view a sample of AWStats Reporting tool.

IMAP, POP3 & Outlook Enabled

All our packages are IMAP, POP3 &
Outlook Enabled. That means you can use software like Outlook Express
or Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails. Please visit the
support page for details. Please note that we do not provide SMTP
service. That means if you decide to use Outlook Express or Microsoft
Outlook, you will need to use your ISP’s SMTP server to send emails.
Your incoming mail server would be mail.yourdomain.com. You can also
use web mail to check emails. To access web mail you can visit
http://webmail.yourdomain.com where yourdomain.com is actual URL of
your domain. We support IMAP protocol, which means there is a separate
folder for outgoing mails as well as drafts unlike the other companies
who only support POP3. Another benefit of IMAP is that it comes with

Web Mail

By using the Web Mail tool you can
check your emails from anywhere in the world. Just visit our website
and click on the WebMail link on top right corner and login with your
email address and password.

Email Forwarding, Auto Reply, Auto Virus Protection, Spam Filter

Email Forwarding: If you do not want
to login to your account to check emails, you can forward all emails to
any other email address of your choice.
Auto Reply: By using the auto reply feature you can let your customers
know that you have received their email and you will get back to them.
You can also use this feature for out of the office alerts.
Auto Virus Protection: For your peace of mind we run antivirus software on our servers to stop all commonly known viruses.
Spam Filter: We have tools installed on our servers to automatically
block and/or delete spam emails. We also block all emails that are
received from the black listed domains.

Free Automatic Nightly Website & Email Backups

Even though we guarantee 99.9% uptime
and use state-of-the-art servers, nobody can 100% guarantee that a
servers’ hardware will never fail or a disaster will never happen. To
ensure your data is secure, we run backups every night to backup your
web site files and emails. The backup is then FTP’d to a remote
location so in case of a disaster it can be retrieved easily and
restored back. There is no additional cost to make the backup, but you
may be charged a fee of $30 if you loose your data or damage your files
and request a restore.

Custom Error Documents

By using this option you can
customize Page not found 404 and other error messages. Instead of
showing page not found to the user if he accidentally hits a page that
does not exist, use this option to create custom error pages with your
look and feel and tell your users in your own words that the page they
are trying to access is not available. You can show them the site map
on error page also.

Domain Registration Cost

We proudly offer free domain
registration with all web hosting packages. If you would like to
purchase only the domain name, please refer to the following table.

Domain Type Registration Cost *
.co $30
.com $15
.net $15
.org $15
.info $15
.biz $15
.ca $15
.us $15
.asia $15
.co.uk $15
.mobi $15
.name $15
.tel $15
*Prices are in Canadian Dollars.
Taxes not included

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